Примітка: Групи користувачів

Для чого колл-центру потрібні групи користувачів, як додати в них операторів, як грамотно налаштувати і де застосувати.

Примітка: Групи користувачів

When a large number of operators are involved in the work, it is more convenient to assign not individual operators to the queue, but entire groups. User groups are made for convenient filtering of reports and management of a large number of operators. Examples of using groups are the distribution of users by departments, sales areas, professionalism (skill, specialization), territorial affiliation or organizational attribute (department, office or otherwise), etc.

The article refers to the product ” Cloud Call Center “.

Label Operators

An operator’s membership in a group is visible in the user list or, for example, when assigned to a queue.

Маркуйте операторів

Групи операторів

Filter the report by agent group

By applying the “Groups” filter, you will get data only for the selected group. Group filtering is available in all reports from the “Users” and “Queues and Calls” sections

Журнал дзвінків

What’s new in OKI-TOKI?

Added a mechanism for group responsibility for a task in a callback – “group sticky”, which is an improvement of the “ Sticky callback tasks ” option for callback (CallBack) and can be combined with it. When adding a task to dialer, you can specify a group of responsible users. For example, if the person responsible for the call is not in place (he fell ill, ran away on vacation, quit), then his team will pick up the client. The callback will look for free operators in the selected group. Group stickiness does not conflict with personal stickiness, but can complement it! This allows you to keep the client in the right skill group and increase the chance of a successful transaction.

Learn more about sticky tasks and how to assign a client to a group.

About creating groups

Про створення груп

  • Create a group, specify its name and select the color of the marker;

Про створення груп


  • Add the necessary operators from the proposed list

Додати необхідних операторів


  • A user can only be in one group, you cannot add one operator to several groups
  • Deleting a group does not delete the user.

How to assign a group to a client on YouTube.

If you still have questions after reading our Note, create a ticket and tech. Support will help you find answers or a solution to your problem.

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